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Parker Fasteners


American Cold Heading Fastener Company, Sockets, Hex, 12 Point, Shoulder, Flange Bolts, Steel, Alloy, Non-Ferrous, Ferritic, Austentic Alloys, A286, DFARS, MS/NAS/MILSPEC
Corporate Office: 13765 W. Auto Drive
Goodyear, AZ 85338
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Fax: 623-925-5968
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Core Product Offering

Domestic Sockets & Tamperproof Screws from Alloy, 302, 316 & A286 Stainless Steel

Why should you partner with Parker Fasteners?

Parker Fasteners possess over 125 years combined years of experience cold heading socket drive fasteners.  Manufacturing precision screws has been a passion for our skilled staff.  We take pride in cold heading challenging materials such as 316 stainless steel and A286 super alloy.  When considering a made-in-America socket drive fastener that is made from DFARS material, demand Parker Fasteners.

What separates Parker Fasteners from other cold heading facilities?

Our lengths separate us from the competition. Parker Fasteners can cold head socket drive fasteners in lengths that exceed industry standards. An example would be our ¼” offering of up to 12″ in length.

Parker Lock-Out offers our customers the opportunity to own a unique tamperproof drive that cannot be manufactured or obtained anywhere else in the world. Parker Fasteners has engineered our patented drive to exceed industry standards for torque while maintaining the highest security. Use Parker Lock-Out to secure your profits!

What else can we make?

Our ability to work 316 and A286 stainless steel allows us to cold head these materials into:

  • Custom Sockets
  • Button Flange Screws
  • MS & NAS Mil Spec Sockets & Machine Screws
  • Carriage Bolts (Short-Neck & Long-Neck)
  • Sheet Metal Screws (Tamper-Resistant)
  • 12 Point Flange
  • Hex Cap Screws (Special Head or Threads)

MIL Spec Product Offering

NAS1635 NAS1351 NAS1352 NAS1802
MS16998 MS24668 MS27039 MS16995
MS16997 MS24667 MS24671 MS24672
MS24673 MS24674 MS24675 MS16998

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